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Accent pieces to stir your imagination...


Not your typical stained glass lamp...

For over 20 years I have been "dabbling" in glass work...these pieces are more than a hobby...this is a creative outlet and I look forward to creating every day.  The artistic nature of stained glass is the basis of this work...I enjoy the challenge to highlight each piece...it's rarely subtle !  


Accent pieces, night lights, genuine art...

The inlaid opportunities are what really sets this apart; glass beads, polished stones, kiln-fired pieces...they come alive with this application and to make it even more "unique" is when lighting is included...accent pieces, night lights...this is the fun part !


Challenge your imagination...

The theme you choose is wide open...birthstones, holidays, favorite colors or seasons of the year...the endless limits of stained glass means your piece will definitely be one of a kind !  

No real limits...I look forward to creating something special.



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